Remodel Projects

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The days when asbestos-containing, acoustic (popcorn) ceiling textures were popular are far behind us. You can make an immediate improvement in the appearance of your home and, eventually make the home easier to sell, by changing your home’s ceiling texture. At the same time, you’ll be improving the healthy living condition of your home by removing a source of asbestos. Whatever your reasons, Guardian Environmental Services is first and foremost focused on the safety measures required to eliminate the tiny hair-like asbestos fibers from your home’s airways.

Mastic and Vinyl Tile Removal

Carpet, vinyl tile and other flooring systems are all held to the floor using a sticky substance called “mastic”. Often it is applied to concrete and this makes it tough to remove without specialized machines. Besides being difficult to remove, mastic is also made with asbestos, making removal a dangerous job unless you really know what you’re doing. We always recommend homeowners should work with an abatement company such as Guardian Environmental Services in order to avoid potentially lethal exposure. Whenever the flooring in your home is being replaced – whether it is carpeting, vinyl tile and especially wood floor glue-down applications, it is necessary to remove the mastic. Guardian Environmental Services can provide the flooring removal or just the mastic.
We have expertise in the removal of these specific types of mastic:

  • Cutback Adhesive or Black Mastic Removal
  • Tan Mastic or other Tile Adhesives
  • Carpet Adhesive (Carpet Glue)

Drywall Removal

Elsewhere on this website, we have described how Guardian Environmental safely and effectively performs asbestos abatement in the event of water or fire damage. Our company’s commitment to your peace of mind, security and comfort extend to every service we offer, including complete drywall abatement services. If your remodeling plans include the need to move drywall from your home or work space, your safest approach is to hire an experienced abatement team. Guardian Environmental Services has over fifteen years of accomplished experience in serving the needs of families and businesses in the safe removal of asbestos containing materials.

Attic Abatement

There are many reasons why home owners may want to replace the insulation in their home’s attic space. It’s a good way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and, in the event that you have a mold or pest issue (raccoons, bats, squirrels, rats) in your attic, replacing the insulation can mitigate possible health concerns, too.
For many years, vermiculite insulation was the most common form. This was prior to the introduction of fiberglass insulation. Vermiculite is a natural mineral that, when heated expands like popcorn. Most of it came from a single mine in Montana but the mine was also contaminated with asbestos and most vermiculite insulation has asbestos mixed in with it. Guardian Environmental Services provides complete attic abatement service including abatement of both the vermiculite insulation and the contamination left by any pests that may have been living in the attic. Because of the health risks, you should rely on the services of a professional abatement company. Call on Guardian Environmental Services!

Our Indoor Abatement Process

Whether we are doing abatement work with popcorn ceilings, vinyl flooring, mastic, or roofing shingles, we always follow the same highest level of commitment to your safety and long-term health. Guardian Environmental Services emphasizes the safest approach to ensure your home’s airways remain asbestos free. We apply our process to all abatement projects we engage in. These steps include the use of tarp and plastic sheets to seal off the workspace from the rest of the building; within the workspace we initiate negative airflow to prevent escape of any friable asbestos fibers. We place plastic drop cloths in all adjacent walk-ways to collect any debris from the removal. HEPA filters are in place to guarantee 99.97% asbestos free air quality. All asbestos waste is carefully packaged and taken to asbestos landfill sites.

Open Abatement Services

Guardian Environmental Services also provides all major services involving open abatement including stucco and roof shingle abatement.

Roof Shingle Abatement

Many homes, commercial buildings and schools still have roofs made of materials that contain asbestos, although newer construction from the mid 1980’s forward does not. If you are remodeling your roof, you should definitely call in an expert abatement team such as Guardian Environmental Services. This is especially true where roofs were made using Category I ACM includes asbestos-containing asphalt roofing products such as built-up roofing; asphalt-containing single ply membrane systems; asphalt shingles; asphalt-containing underlayment felts; asphalt-containing roof coatings and mastics; and asphalt-containing base flashings. ACM roofing products that use other bituminous or resinous binders (such as coal tars or pitches) are also considered to be Category I. ACM.

Stucco Abatement

From the 1920’s through the mid 1980’s, builders and designers used asbestos containing stucco as a fire-prevention technique. In the 1980’s, asbestos was phased out of stucco, too. However, there are still thousands of older buildings coated in this type of stucco across the nation. As a property owner, you need to protect occupants before starting any renovation. The only safe way to remove this kind of asbestos is through the services of an expert asbestos abatement team. Contact Guardian Environmental Services for an assessment and estimate.