Duct Abatement

We provide full abatement services on a same day or next day basis
so your hvac contractor can make a rapid install to non-asbestos ducting.

In the US, most direct uses for asbestos ended in 1978, although it is still found as a component in many building materials. If your work place or home was built prior to this time, you may now be replacing your HVAC ducting. Guardian Environmental Services has fifteen years of experience in this field.

HVAC Contractors

Partners with major HVAC contractors

Transite Pipe


TYs & Elbows



Strip and Encapsulate

Duct Runs


Floor Protection

Protect your floor

Engineering Controls

Air Scrubbing

Insulation Removal

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What you can expect with Guardian Environmental Services

Expert Service in Special Case Scenarios including:

  • Runs in the garage
  • Vent pipe from water heaters
  • Runs that extend through walls and soffits
  • Duct work which needs to be removed from crawl spaces and basements
  • Removing acoustic ceilings from furnace closets.

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Trained and Certified Asbestos Technicians

Our uniformed, highly trained and certified technicians and HVAC Contractors arrive onsite at your location to provide same or next day service for:

  • Transite Pipe removal
  • Plenum stripping and encapsulating
  • Boot and Elbow Removal (or encapsulating as needed)
  • Duct Run Removal
  • Tarping to protect your floors
  • Engineering controls (air scrubbing)
  • Insulation Removal
  • Partial abatement, for example: removal of the transite pipe only, or stripping and encapsulation of the plenum, or removal of duct runs only.